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Suing landlord for conversion

Turlock, CA |

My landlord locked me out and kept a bunch of my personal property. Some of what I was able to take she damaged. I have proof that I don't owe her any $ and a written statement from police she admitted to purposefully damaging my property.
I have made an itemized list of what she has kept and the replacement costs from the internet.
I cannot provide receipts for the majority of my things (some things I have owned for 10 years or more, others were gifts). Will the judge only make her pay for what I have receipts for?
Will statements from other people she has done this to (she has kept and destroyed other people's property before) help my case?

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Questions of evidence. Evidence of other wrong doings is generally inadmissible in Court (although in a small claims setting, the rules of evidence don't really apply)
Receipts are not necessary, although they do make your burden of proof lighter. Also remember, its the value of the property AT THE TIME OF CONVERSION, not what it cost you to purchase it.

A proper response would require a much more thorough and complete investigation into the history and facts set forth in your question. Any statements provided by me regarding your inquiry is nothing more than an opinion, and does not represent legal advice or create a client relationship.

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