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Suing for interference of business....

Green Bay, WI |

I have phone recordings from a person who did work for me at a business i used to own. They stated he was going to tell people not to go to my place of business, since its a small town (and we know how they are) hes realated to almost everyone, and business dewindled and we closed the doors. What are my odds of winning a lawsuit against this person for interference of business? Can I sue for my legal fees and distress of it.. etc? place was only open for a lil over a year and used to be a booming place til this happened.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. It sounds like a tough case, but you should contact a lawyer from your city who handles tortious interference with business relations cases for a free consultation to discuss the facts and circumstances.

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  2. You can file a lawsuit but obtaining a collectable judgment is another story. Your would be a very technical civil case and I doubt there is an attorney in your small town that can handle it.