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Suing a school due to kid being bullied

Belle Vernon, PA |
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my daughter who would have grad. this year had to drop out do to a kid bulling her and kids making fun of her.....she has been home schooled since this has happened..... whitch she still has not finished because she is 19 nw and out on her own but had the kids not have done this she would have finished school we have a no bulling at our schools and the school let it happen anyway she told all people that it wuz happen and they did nothing to help her

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The facts that you give are insufficient to give you a guide on how to proceed. If your daughter had an IEP or a 504 Plan, the actions required by her school are different than if she was not so classified. If she had an IEP or a 504 Plan, then the School District owes her an education free of discrimination due to her disability and free of issues that affect her ability to access her education. If she did not have either, then the legal actions required of the District is far more lax and more difficult to enforce.

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I'm sorry to hear that this happend to your daughter. Bullying issues are difficult to deal with, but school districts do have an oligation to address bullying when it is brought to their attention. You should know that, under Pennslvania law, your daughter has a right to a free public educaion through age 21 or graduation. You might consider enrolling her in a cyber charter school to help her finish her high school education. Charter schools are publicly funded and are also tuition free. If your daughter had an IEP or a Section 504 plan to address a disability, or if she should have had one but the issues were missed by the school district, there may be ohter legal options. Any disability-related claim is limited by a two year satute of limitations. One option is to discuss your daughter's situation with an educational consultant, or with a lawyer familiar with educaion law. Another is to contact the high school and ask to set up an appoinment with a counselor. There are also parent groups with an internet presence, such a Parents Involved Network, that you may find helpful.

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