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Submitting paperwork to the mediator before mediation...???

Fresno, CA |

Hello, the family law commissioner scheduled mediation and we are supposed to supply documents to the the mediator 5 days before appointment and any documents not already filed need to be filed and served on the other party in my case his attorney since I do not have one.

My question is how many pages can I actually submit to the mediator so I know how many I can file and have served?
I have some proof to give for things that they are saying that are indeed false, and need to have the mediator be able to view all of it. Thank you for your time!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Generally, you can not hand the mediator documents that have not been filed in a timely fashion. However, if the information is important, you may read the information to the mediator. Additionally, you may list a contact when you sign in for the mediation that the mediator can obtain information from, such as CPS or other heathcare professionals.

  2. You should try and provide all information to the mediator before the hearing. Mediators will often accept documents before the hearing, even if not the full 5 days, and often the day of the hearing.

    A mediator will generally take into consideration all information that they deem to be relevant.

  3. I am an attorney practicing in Fresno County, and am familiar with the Mediation procedures and practices.

    In Fresno county, Mediation is handled separately from a court hearing. I generally recommend that you submit documentation at mediation but explain it in your mediation packet prior to mediation. Make sure to provide additional copies for the other party in mediation, and an extra...for a total of 3 copies of all documents. If you have an attorney, the attorney may be able to speak to you about the mediation process before you attend.

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