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I went to court to evict my tenant. I received "STIPULATION FOR JUDGMENT". It says "WRIT TO ISSUE" LOCKOUT ON JUNE 30, 2013 without further issue order of court. Defendant to have full access until June 30, 2013. Defendant to not damage residence during final month.

My question is what is my next step? I do not see my tenant planning to move out. He said to others that he is not moving on June 30th.

Thank you very much for your answer.

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  1. A "stipulation for entry of judgment" is ambiguous. It could mean that the parties agree that the court enters a judgment, or it could mean that the court will enter a judgment later if certain conditions are not fulfilled.

    If judgment has been entered, you get the clerk to issue a writ of possession, which you take it to the sheriff, who will then perform the necessary tasks. If there is no judgment, you have to take whatever steps you need to get one, probably with an attorney's help.

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