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Still living in house after charpter 7 discharge

Roseville, MI |

9 months later still living in house after my chapter 7 discharge, was hoping to still till after sheriff sale, haven't hear about it yet, is'nt 6months more after notice, in Mich

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  1. The redemption period in Michigan is 6 months after the foreclosure sale, if the house is not abandoned, and the property is a city lot or similar size. Larger acreage may have a 12 month redemption period. The time period will be in the published notice. The Chapter 7 discharge doesn't affect the rights in foreclosure.

  2. Elaborating on what Mr. Soave wrote:

    You need to determine whether the sheriff's sale occurred and, if it occurred, when it occurred. The redemption period (during which you are entitled to possession of the property) is calculated from the date of the sale. You can determine whether the sale occurred by reviewing the records of the Macomb County Register of Deeds to see if a sheriff's deed was recorded.

    Once the redemption period expires, the new owner of the property has the right to evict you, but whether the new owner will promptly exercise that right is up to the new owner.

  3. Call the Civil Division of your local SHeriff's Offfice. You will be surprised that they are happy to answer your questions about the status of your house. There is probably one person assigned to keep track of all of the foreclosures in the Sheriff's Office. Make nice to them.
    Be sure to have the case number when you call. Call about once a month for sale dates and other procedural info. They are happy to keep you posted. Good luck.

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