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Step parent legal rights in Texas?

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I am getting married in a few weeks. My daughter is 10 yrs old. Her biological father is deceased. I would like her step dad to have legal rights as far as being able to sign school forms, give medical consent, and have rights to her in the event that something happens to me. I understand that step parent adoption can be expensive and lengthy. In the mean time can I make him a legal guardian? Does that differ from adoption? Should I have him carry a legal power of attorney stating he can consent to medical treatment until further more permanent means of guardianship occur? Thank you for any advice.

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  1. You should consult with an attorney about the pros and cons of the various options available to you. I am not listing any because you need a face to face conversation.

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  2. You do need to find an attorney with the Avvo Find a Lawyer tool. Normally step-parents have no parents rights. However, you need to discuss this with a local attorney

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  3. There are a lot of options. Adoption will give him the most rights and assure that he will have standing to sue for custodial rights of something happens to you.

  4. Is there a current order about the child? If so, you can file a Motion to Modify it to become Joint Managing Conservators. The only other person entitled to notice would be the child's father who is deceased. So you get that granted pretty easily. If there is no prior order, file an Original Sut Affecting the Parent Child Relationship (SAPCR).
    Whether step parent adoption is expensive or not depends upon the attorney you get. Step parent adoptions are the least involved of all adoptions, and with the father being deceased there are that many less steps that need to be taken. Some things for you to think about: Are you ready to have husband have an equal say and rights to your child? Even if you divorce he will still be her legal co-equal parent. Is there any issue with cutting off her extended family from her father's side? How would that work? I've never had this issue come up. If you would rather have husband adopt, call attorneys who practice in San Antonio and ask their fees. Because the father is deceased, a projected total cost would be easier to make in this case, than in cases where the oher party may contest the relief you are requesting and drive up the attorney fees.

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  5. Actually step-parent adoption is one of the least expensive and most enjoyable parts of practicing family law. If your husband-to-be is willing to adopt your daughter, it will make the wedding even more meaningful for her since she will know that he wants her as part of his family.
    In your case, step-parent adoption will not be lengthy nor expensive. The only other person is now deceased.
    There are excellent and reasonably priced family law attorneys in San Antonio.
    I wish the three of you the very best!

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