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Step-mom is physically and emotionally abusing her stepkids and has alot of money and thinks she can get away with it !help

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the step-mom has lots of money and a attorney and is saying to cps that the kids are lieing and that the biological mother is just jealous of her and lying too.but the kids ages range from 6yrs old-14 yrs old.the father stays with her for the money and kids made police reports cps report and they are investigating. what happens to the stepmom?

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  1. If the police discover evidence of child abuse, the case would be referred to the DA's office to review and determine whether child abuse charges should be filed against the stepmom. Depending on the specific facts, they could be misdemeanors or felonies.

  2. She can be arrested, charged with crimes; as could the father if he knows of the abuse and is permitting it to happen without taking any corrective or protective actions. Also the kids could sue the step mom in civil court for monetary damages.

  3. We have dad and step-mom. Where is Mom in this mess? If this is in court [dependency] all parties, including Mom, should have an attoreny. Otherwise , there really isn't enough facts here to offer much of an opinion

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