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Statutory rape charges? help

Du Bois, PA |

I'm being charged with statutory sexual assault 5 counts, corruption of a minor less then 16 5 counts, and agg ind assault less then 16 5 counts.....

the scenario is my gf and i started dating last year march 18th she was 15 i was 20. we had family consent we been dating ever since. recently someone turned it in she is now 16 I'm 21 i was 21 may of last year. Anyways we had to give statements to the police she told them the story i told them we had sex different times and i knew she was 15. Now we are thinking of perusing getting married like we planned before. we talked to a lot of people and my aunts bf is a DA and said thats the best way to go. question is, what can be done? and does she have to still testify against me ? any help in this case will be great. i never got in trouble be4

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You have been charged with very serious offenses. Familial consent or marriage after the fact will not provide a defense to the charges. The Commonwealth will likely attempt to subpoena your girlfriend to testify against you. It is imperative that you retain a criminal defense attorney to represent you on these charges if you have not done so already. I would caution against making any further statements to anyone else or on this forum as to the facts of your case.

David Bradley
Bradley Law Firm, LLC


I agree with my colleague that you should not make any further statements about your case on the internet and that you call a lawyer as soon as possible.



What you are describing is very c


You need to find a criminal defense attorney immediately. I agree with my colleagues. You are facing serious charges that can ruin your life. You cannot wait. Contact an attorney immediately. Also, do not provide any more specifics to anyone other than your counsel.

Michael L. Doyle
(215) 735-5900

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