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Statute of LImitations on Payment of DUI fines?

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I have a friend who got a DUI roughly 10 years ago and at the time was not able to pay the fine. According to my friend, the court did not make him pay the fine at the time and the court has not tried to collect this fine until recently. My question is, is there a Statute of Limitation on collecting the fees or can the court attempt to collect the fee whenever it wants?

I thank you in advance for your help.

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  1. Your friend made a promise to the court to pay the DUI fees. I don't believe that there is a statute of limitations defense to the court's attempt to collect the fee, however you should contact a civil attorney who deals with debt collection to double check.

  2. Typically the Statute that will limit your friend and his liberties is the one that allows: (a) the DMV to place an indefinite hold on your friend's license pending successful completion of probation including payment of fine, and (b) the court to issue a bench warrant for failure to pay.

    So no there is no Statute of Limitations although it is odd that it took this look to transpire as you relate.

    Have your friend find out from DMV if his license is still valid or if it needs to be reinstated and if the rendering court has an outstanding warrant for his immediate arrest. He may need help from a local attorney to clear this up.

  3. no statute of limitations exists on a court order.

  4. no statute of limitations exists on a court order.

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