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Statue of Limitations, South Carolina.

Spartanburg, SC |

I was charged nearly 2 years ago with "drug trafficking". I posted bond and got a lawyer. I still have not heard from the lawyer but for him telling me one time "I'll contact you if/when we go to court." If/when is a long time, and to this day while trying to get employment my background check which shows a charge yet not a conviction holds me back. When will this drop off my record seeing as how there is no statute of limitations. Are things looking good since I haven't heard anything back yet? I'm kind of worried. Any advice would be great.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I don't practice in South Carolina, but as a general rule I would urge you to call your attorney and ask for specific information regarding the status of the case.

    I apologize if you have in fact been in contact, and if that is the case, your attorney should be able to advise you regarding the statute of limitations, as well as any state speedy trial issues.

    I hope that this works out for you.

  2. There is no statute of limitations for crimes in SC, and the criminal caseload is quite backlogged. You can get a speedier trial if your lawyer files a motion for one, but generally, the longer a criminal case sits on the shelf, the better it is for the defense. witnesses move away, evidence gets lost etc.

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