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My son recently received a summons and has since then had a DNA test done. It has been 4 months since the test was done and my question is...If the test was ordered by the state and it turns out negative, what happens? Will he still have to go to court (hasn't been before a judge yet. Just did Paternity test)? How do we find out the results?

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If the test results prove that your son is not the father his name may be removed from the birth certificate (if it was ever on it). He would not be required by law to support the child and would have no parental rights to the child. Your son should be notified of the results by OCSS or the Family Court. If he is not, he should contact OCSS.

Paternity cases can instituted for a variety of reasons, can be very complex and may carry permanent consequences. I HIGHLY suggest you speak with an attorney to discuss your particular situation and the best course of action. Feel free to contact my office at 454-7700. Good luck.

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The results will likely be presented and reviewed at the next court hearing. Encourage your son to consult with and retain an attorney to assist him in this matter.

This observation is provided without warranty nor guarantee and for entertainment and informational purposes only. This answer is not legal advice. Not to be used as infant formula. No attorney client relationship is established as a result of these communications. The best legal advice you can get is to consult with an attorney licensed in your state or territory.

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The results will be presented the next time you go into court. If you wish to learn the outcome sooner you can try calling the Rhode Island OCSS; their number is 458-4400. When you call make sure you have the case number available.

Either way there will further steps required in order to ensure this case turns out correctly for your son. I suggest contacting a local attorney and discussing your specific situation. Feel free to call my office if you would like to discuss the matter further.

This answer is for general education purposes only. It does not create an attorney-client relationship or provide legal guidance or advice. The answer is based on the limited information provided within the question and the answer might be different had additional information been provided. For legal inquiries all persons are recommended to consult an attorney in your state.

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