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State: New Jersey Offense: Speeding, 47 mph in a 25 zone. Question: What can i do to avoid points/insurance increase?

South Plainfield, NJ |

The last time i received a speeding ticket was over 2 years ago. I WAS speeding, 47 mph (according to the officer) in a 25 mph zone. I didn't do it for "thrill" it was a subconscious decision, what i mean is i wasn't aware that i was going that fast -- and infact i've gone above 40 down that same road numerous times.

The traffic stop was short. The police officer was a block and a half INFRONT of me. There was an intersection (with a light) that separated us. I saw him flash his lights, cross the street and TURN around behind me. He waited for me to cross the red light and then pulled me over. He said i was speeding, i said nothing, gave him my credentials and less than 2 minutes later i was on my way with a ticket.

He told me i don't have to go to court, and i can call and plea guilty.

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  1. Your ticket is for driving 22 MPH over the legal limit which carries four DMV points with it. If you plead not guilty, go to court and negotiate with the prosecutor, you will probably be offered a speed reduction that carries only two points. With an attorney you will have the possibility of an even better outcome, like zero points on your license or possibly a dissmissal depending how the hearing or hearings go. It is personal decision whether hiring an attorney makes sense for you. Call for more information. Good luck.

  2. Never ever listen to the advice of a cop on how to handle a traffic ticket that THEY gave you. They are rated on convictions. We can refer you to an excellent NJ traffic court lawyer.

  3. Firstly, you're not going to get anywhere with the "I didn't realize I was traveling almost twice the posted limit" excuse. Even if it's true, it's not a defense. You're expected to know how fast you're traveling, and to keep the car inside the speed limit. Period.

    That said, 22 mph over the limit will net you a $200 fine and 4 pts. If this was a "safe corridor" or construction zone, your court appearance is MANDATORY. Be advised, you may also be subjected to court costs/fees and other fines if found guilty in court.

    4 pts in one shot is a big hit to your license and will affect your insurance (especially if you already have points.) Whether you hire an attorney or not, plead not guilty and try to get a better deal; either a reduction in speed to a 2 pt ticket or a no-point ticket (which carries a stiff penalty and mandatory fee assessment). If you want to try the case, don't proceed without an attorney.

    If you get any points, or if you already have points, register for a safe driving class - when you successfully complete the class 2 pts will fall off your license and your insurance rates will go down.

    Good luck

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  4. Do not plead guilty this is a 4 point ticket. you can get a 2 point reduction on your own and 4 points off with an attorny normally in S. Plainfield. It may be worth the money. Call around.

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