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SSI recipients claiming Adult child benefits under fathers SSD.

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Hello, I live in PA, I have two disabled children, one is 24 and one is 20. they have been receiving SSI for their disabilities since the age of 5. My son and daughter both receives 690/mo (actually 710 but they take 20 out for an overpayment) Now their dad has become disabled about 9 months ago, so i filed for the adult child benefits and claimed under their Dad's SSD. I was told by SS the claims will be approved but their dollar amount will stay the same. They will get one check for 425 on the 1st of the month and then one on the third for 265 on the third, which equals to 690/mo. Is this corrct ? I thought there was supposed to be a 20.00 increase each, or 718 being the max they could pay out. I thought their would be a small increase their amounts. Is what they are doing correct? MJ

I am sorry that is 265 on the first of the month and then 425 on the third.

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The maximum a child can get under these facts is the $710. If the disability rate under Dad's account was higher, then they could get more, but after accounting for the overpayment, the figures sound correct. And, dad's rate is based on taxes he paid when he was able to work and earn money and pay taxes, and they do not usually mess up that number, so that is probably correct too.

The overpayment does not stop getting collected even when th money comes from a different SS numbered account - SSA wants it's money back no matter what.

Sorry, bu this sounds coorect. Best of luck to you.

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i called SSI and i am trying to get to who is processing their claims. The representative i spoke with today, and once before i heard this too, is that the combined amounts should equal 718.00. She gave me the numbers of 425 and 293. Where do they guess this 718 and do they still get cost of living increases with this.