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SSD and Marriage

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My boyfriend is 63 and on SS Disability. He wants us to get married so that if something should happen to him I'll have some financial help. Here's my dilemma. I'm 58 and for the last 8 years I have not worked (and have no health insurance) because I had to live with and take care of my disabled mother. She passed away a couple months ago and I've been looking for work, but because of the long gap between jobs and my age it's really hard. I already lost my own credits for disability and had a decrease in my SS. My question is, if I can't find work, will I be eligible to receive his SSD if I had to. I think I may be in a jam here.
Thank you, Worried in Ohio

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No, if you get married you will not be eligible to receive any additional benefits based on his receipt of SSD. And, in fact, if you are on SSI and you get married, your SSI most likely will be reduced or eliminated altogether. At age 62 you would be eligible to take your early retirement amount in Social Security retirement benefits or a spousal benefit based on your husband's retirement benefits (his SSD would convert to retirement benefits at his full retirement age.).

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Thank you very much for the info Mr. Wayson. I appreciate your time in answering my question. This site is fantastic.

Brian S Wayson

Brian S Wayson


You are welcome. Thank you for the nice thoughts. Best of luck to you.

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