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SS check witheld for mistake that was made by SS.

Bluffton, SC |

My Nana was approached by the SS when her ex husband died telling her she was eligible for his benefit. After a couple of years they contacted her again saying they had made a mistake in the amount she was to be getting. They claimed she owed them back the money. She has been trying to fight this on her own by filling out forms they gave her but they have witheld 2 seperate checks toward the amount they say she owes. She was in the appeal process and was told her case was to be heard by a judge but they kept this month's check. This mistake was not hers and I do not think it fair for her to be put in financial distress over it. Can anything be done to stop them?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If she appealed and the overpayment collection was stayed, SSA should not be trying to collect now. You may need to consults with an attorney who hamdles Social Security matters. In the alternative, wrtite to the Administrative Law Judge.,