Sprint changed how my discount is applied to my family plan. How do I start legal action?

Ive had Sprint almost 2 yrs now. My employer offered a discount on my sprint plan. To have that discount applied Sprint made me extend my contract and that the discount would applied to my entire plan. This month I'm looking at the bill and the only applied the discount to my main line and labeled my second line as an add on line. They are trying to say they will not be allowing my discount to be applied to my second line. That will cheat me out of $5 of a discount and that $5 that isnt been discounted will now be taxed so now I will be charged more in taxes and their surcharges. How do I take legal action against this? The Sprint customer service agent said that this change is a worldwide change (so I'm obviously not the only one being cheated) to Sprint's discount policy. She also

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Christopher Barrett Fay

Christopher Barrett Fay

Business Attorney - Pennsauken, NJ

Am I correct in understanding that you are being "cheated" out of $5 per month for approximately the next 24 months, for roughly $120?

Aside from the fact that the company probably haa the right to amend or modify their billing practices under your contract, or that your renewal was under some other terms other than your original contract, I do not see economic viability in starting any legal action to recover $120. You could attempt to sue the company in small claims court but even that would probably be a significant cost compared to what you might have suffered in damages.

Reading your entire contract carefully before signing and/or renewing it is still free, though. There might be a way you can object to the charges, opt out, or cancel your contract, but I doubt any of those would really benefit you very much at this point.

Good luck,

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Edward D Young III

Edward D Young III

Telecommunications Law Attorney - Seguin, TX

Right now there is little regulation of cell phone company practices. The theory behind this deregulation is that there are many cell phone competitors in the marketplace and, if you do not like the terms that you have with one company, there is another company to which you can switch.

Although the FCC does not regulate cell phone contracts, it does accept complaints from consumers about cell phone companies. You can do this online and I have included a link for this purpose.

I am sorry about your experience but your only choices are to choose another plan from this company or select another cell phone company.

I hope this helps and may God bless you.

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