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Spouse with severe ptsd gets baker acted kept in hospital for 2 weeks then arrested and put on probation? Can the hit you twice

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husband was out roaming arnd with severe ptsd I called the cops to help me find him they found him searched him and found some sort of paraphanalia on him (he still has no recollection of this) the ambulance checked him out said he was fine and the police drove him home and told me to keep him inside and he wldnt be charged with this...well as we are conversating , my husband starts overdosing on my livRm floor they get him to the hospital (he read his label on his meds from the VA and took the wrong amount causing all of this)next thing you know he is being baker acted kept in the hosp for two weeks we get him into an inpt facility for his ptsd for 3 months and is now chgd with p.op and vop (he was originally on prob from a dui chg) can he get baker acted then arrested?

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He can but it sounds like your husband may have some defenses. Call a local defense lawyer to discuss your options.
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You have described a mess and a half. Normally I'm happy to offer some sort of advise online but on this one I'm going to suggest that you find a criminal defense lawyer in Crestview, make an appointment, show-up with as much documentation as you can and hope that sense can be made of your husband's situation.

After reading your question I know that there will be a great deal of follow-up questioning by any lawyer who is trying to understand and diagnose your husband's situation and problem(s), and that an on-line check of his legal status will also be necessary.

I wish that I could offer you more here and now. Mental health issues can both complicate and simplify criminal cases (that is to say that they oftimes involve more work and attention but if there are true psych issues then they also oftimes assist in resoling the matter).

Although I practice primarily in Miami-Dade County you are welcome to contact my office for a referral or two, or you can search the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers website by locality (please see - and click on the "Find A Lawyer" tab).

Either way best of luck!

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Yes this can happen. You need to get him to a criminal defense attorney in your area.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

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