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Spouse/paramour snatched my daughter from me and her little brother, kept this child out of school while running all over the US

Los Angeles, CA |

Filed Missing child report. Filed claim with NCMEC . Officers affidavits, (violations of court orders) Including POSSIBLY FBI involvement. I've Pursued them over two years and finally found and Served spouse living in a 20 FT camper at a campground known to be prone for drugs & violence. Paramour flees the state. Spouse now homeless and states this in court. Court grants spouse primary custody of this child. Although I already was Granted Temp. custody of both our children. What is wrong with our legal system when someone with mental issues (SSI) and no legal experience Pro se , Can outsmart & Whip a Experience attorney of Twenty years practice & deceive the court? What must we do to get my child? Spent $66,000 to date. What am I DOING WRONG???

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    You need to get a court order to have the child abduction unit find and recover the children if they are missing.

  2. My first guess is that there is some substantial "rest of the story" that explains the court's ruling. A good lawyer helps, but frequently doesn't make up for bad facts (especially in family court using a "best interests of the minor" standard).

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  3. There must be some facts which aren't mentioned here; what you're describing makes no sense. Why'd the judge change the custody order? Why did the judge SAY he or she was changing the custody order?

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