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Spousal support and how to prove I am not working. I took my husband to court for spousal support.

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I purchased a house before marriage.Allowed Husband & hisfamily to move into my 2-family house.His family paid rent every month.His family constantly harassed, stalked & verbally abused me throughout our marriage.During our marriage, he was laid off twice where I worked 2 jobs & went to school. I ended up sacrificing my education to maintain my mortgage(mtg)/house. I got laid off & tried to keep up with my mtg, but the abuse escalated. Before I went crazy(afterDr. prescribed depression pills)I walked out of my house & bounced from house to house until I was able to find a place I can rent. I took him to court for spousal support. A friend asked me to help her market her biz online, & I did since i was always on the computer looking for a job. My name was placed as contact if entered wro

Continuation: I placed my name as contact for each website because this was the first time I was trying to help someone market their business and add it to different online listings. If there was a problem with the listing, I would have been able to correct it on her behalf since I originally entered it online. Unfortunately, my name became the contact information for the business and I have nothing to do with my friend's business. She solely owns her company on her own and it is currently in the beginning stages of development. Because of my husband's attorney noticed my name on her listing, he is trying to point out that i am earning some type of income from her business. I have been unemployed for a year and half now, and I have been seeking a job position, and kept a daily log of my job hunt. What can I do?

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  1. Filing an Affidavit signed and notarized by you showing that you are diligently looking for work is a good first step. Contact a family law attorney because an improper Affidavit may prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

  2. Your information is unclear and an analysis of spousal support issues is impossible without more information about your marriage - but in any event you have an obligation to work towards becoming self supporting. You should consult a local attorney and discuss your situation in detail.

    Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer could be considered attorney advertising.

  3. Consult with an experienced family law attorney. If you are working for your friend by assisting the friend in maintaining a website , it looks like you are working. if you are working for a friend there is the hint that something off the books may be occurring. Also, maintain a job search diary.

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  4. Ultimately you'd need at the least a notarized letter from the business owner showing she doesn't pay you anything. Coupled with that, however, is proof of how you support yourself (unemployment, etc.). Expect them to do a searching analysis of what your expenses are versus what income you do have. That said, I suggest you consult a NYC Divorce Attorney for a full assessment.

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