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Spinal cord stimulator implant leads might have migrated or not properly placed..does not resemble my trial..What should I do?

Dallas, TX |

I had the surgery and I cannot use my stimulator. This is very different than my trial. My trial and my implant done by the same Doctor using the same modulation device manufactuer. I tried to let the modulation rep. re-program me but she could/would not until I got an xray. I do not trust either one at this point. I am trying to be calm and think clearly. In order for me to even get here I have gone through many treatments and have seen a few specialists. I am very aware of my body and how it responded during the trial. The trial is suppose to give you the exact same feeling as the implant would because you have wires from your spine coming through an incision and your wear a velcro belt holding implant around your waist. The stimulation is in my stomach and other areas .I can't use it.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. As I am not licensed in your state, I can only provide you with some general guidance. I would suggest that you find another doctor who you trust and see if they can work out these difficulties for you.

  2. We have handled a similar case in the past and these are difficult cases to proceed with. It is my understanding that the paddles implanted for use in the test phase are left intact for the permanent device, so you may not have a problem with movement. Rather, the problem is likely in the implanted device, in which case you need to determine how the device was approved by the FDA to see if a lawsuit would be preempted by federal law.

    I would start with the surgeon who installed the device to see if the leads migrated, which they should be able to determine by an X-Ray. If the leads did not migrate, then the problem is likely with the device itself - especially considering a reprogram was unsuccessful.

    Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss in more depth.