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Speeding ticket with wrong information

Tacoma, WA |

I received a speeding ticket on the I5 driving north through Tacoma WA that I dodn't agree with completly. I may have been doing 2-3 miles over the posted 60, but I was being passed by others.
The officer wrote on the ticket that I was doing 76 in a 70 zone. Which I know that I wasn't. Pluss he also wrote that I'm the owner of the vehicle, but thats also wrong. The insurance papers state that it's my father inlaw's truck.
What are my chances

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Ownership of the vehicle has nothing to do with whether the driver was speeding, so if that's your basis to fight the ticket, it's probably going to get you nowhere. Likewise, the fact that others were passing you doesn't mean you were not speeding. The sole question is whether you were driving a vehicle and were exceeding the posted maximum speed. The difference between your speed and the posted maximum may only affect the fine imposed. The only viable way to fight these kinds of tickets is to argue that there was something wrong with the way the officer operated the radar/lidar or something wrong with the instrument, itself (e.g., it wasn't calibrated before use, etc...)

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