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Speeding ticket in DeKalb Co. School zone

Lawrenceville, GA |

I got a speeding ticket in DeKalb Co.( School Zone ) 20 over, so I got a letter saying that I must appear in court, should I be worried, should I get a lawyer, I need my DL because I drive for the company that I work for.
My speeding say that I must appear on Jan. 7th but the letter I got say that I must appear on Jan. 28th

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What you can do is contact the Solicitor's Office in DeKalb County and make a request for pre-trial negotiation to have the offense changed to a county ordinance violation. If you have a clean driving history or a very good one and you can present proof that you are in need of your driver's license for your employment, they may work with you. In exchange for changing the speeding ticket to a county ordinance violation, you might have to pay a higher fine. It is worth it because the ticket is not reported to the DDS or to your insurance company.

While I am a licensed attorney in the State of Georgia, I am not your attorney, even though I have answered your question here on Avvo. I take the time to answer questions here on Avvo as a public service, and a way to help educate the public about certain aspects of the criminal justice system here in Georgia. If you are in need of more detailed answers or representation, you will have to contact me, set up an appointment, and after a consultation, retain me for my services.

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They commonly push court dates back after they were initially issued. Either hire a lawyer, or ask the prosecutor, to reduce your speed to 14 mph over the posted speed limit so it won't go on your record.

James L. Yeargan, Jr. is licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia. All information given is based only on Georgia law, and is not directly applicable to any other jurisdictions, states, or districts. Any answer given assumes the person who asked the question holds a Georgia Drivers License, and this license is not a commercial drivers license (CDL). This response, or any response, is not legal advice. This response, or any response, does not create an attorney/client relationship. The response is in the form of legal education and is intended to provide general information. Any state specific concerns should be directed to an attorney who is licensed to practice law in that respective state.

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If you are scheduled to appear in Dekalb County Recorders Court you may consider talking to an attorney familiar with that court. Recently the prosecutors in that court have been refusing to lower many citations.

In many cases you would have to move the case to the State Court of Dekalb County in order to get the citation reduced to a non-reportable offense. If you are very worried about the citation going on your record you should contact a traffic attorney. Especially, given the current difficulty in dealing with the prosecutors in Recorders Court.

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