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Speeding Ticket Advice (My First Ticket Ever)

Pasadena, CA |


I'm 19 years old and starting college in a few weeks. I was cited for driving 48 in a 25 residential zone on 7/14/14.

My school is on top of a mountain, and the road down is sloped. I was coasting down the road and my car picked up speed. The officer was at the bottom of the hill just a few feet beyond a roadside speedometer.

I recognize I should have applied the breaks to slow down sooner than I did. However, I was wondering if there was anything I should/could do to lesson the affect of this ticket on my wallet & possible point on my record. I cannot see the fine amount, eligibility for driving school, etc. yet.

I would be happy if I could just just take driving school and pay the fine. From my understanding, if you are over 20 MPH over the speed you cannot. Is that true?

- I was cited for 22350 infraction. - Ticket says he used laser to identity speed. - Traffic conditions on ticket say medium. - Ticket was during the day (just before 1PM).

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You should be eligible for traffic school. Get an attorney. It is quite possible that you could get your case dismissed if officer does not show; or perhaps reduced to a non point moving violation.



Mr. Roberts' answer says it all and in concise format. Get an attorney like him.


I handle speeding tickets in San Bernardino County and the rule is that you can't do traffic school if you are cited for going more than twenty miles per hour over the speed limit. However, If you go to the court and ask to see the judge, you can ask him or her to allow you to go to traffic school. The Judge will usually allow it. If you want a lower fine, the Judge can also do that for you. Go into court and tell the judge this is your first ticket and you are a starving student trying to better yourself. The Judges I know will let you go to traffic school and lower the fine.


Try for a coasting if the officer shows up to the hearing. If he doesn't show, it's an automatic dismissal. Best of luck.

This is a general statement regarding law and facts and should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship or a solicitation for same.


You are clearly a smart 19 year old, who may have a valid defense. The problem of course is that you are not law trained. I have never seen a non-lawyer win in traffic court- I suppose it's possible, but it rarely happens. Get a local traffic attorney. Good luck!

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