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Speeding Ticket, Modified Exhaust and No Insurance, details in ticket wrong does that make it Void?

Olympia, WA |

I was pulled over for doing 40 in a 35 and having a modified exhaust. during the talk I come to find my insurance expired. Once I get home I come to realize that the officer at hand made mistakes in righting up my ticket, my car is a nissan 240sx 2dr coupe, the ticket says my car was a nissan 200sx 2dr hatchback, these are complettly different cars. no does this make the ticket void becuase I was not operating said 200sx?

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I am not a WA attorney but I can tell you that typically this will be considered a scrivners error and the officer will likely be able to amend the infraction or the information on the infraction prior to the hearing. Based on my experience in handling traffic tickets in FL this kind of informational error will not likely lead to dismissal. You may still want to speak to a WA traffic attorney to keep points off your record. If this is like FL, points will allow the insurance company to see the ticket and thus they will likely increase your rates. Good Luck.

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In Washington this error is not necessarily enough to dismiss a ticket, although it really depends on how well you can argue to convince a judge and how well you know the law. Generally speaking, an incorrect model or style does not convince most judges, but there may be other errors when, taken as a whole, will help you beat the ticket.

As it sounds like you have 3 infractions, you might consider hiring an attorney to fight them because an attorney might be able to get all or some of the infractions dismissed, saving you quite a bit of money.

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