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Specifically concerning the relocation form during an agreed-upon move...

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I would like the freedom to move with my children where ever I like within the US. Due to my ex's limited involvement with the kids, she has decided to agree to let me do so without consent at any future point, as long as we keep a steady summer/holiday schedule, and given I agree to her reduced support payments. I want to file this as soon as possible, but I'm not ready to move yet, nor have I decided on the exact location (I'm still looking at potential business locations). Looking at the relocation form, it asks for a specific city/state/date. Can I reasonably just fill these in with "any" (any city, any U. S. state, any date), file it with the clerk, and expect it to go through, if she has signed it and it's submitted with our mutually updated visitation and child support agreements?

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  1. No, I would not use the court-approved form for this. I would spend the minor amount of money for you to have an attorney simply draft up a proposed stipulation and a proposed order for the court to review and sign. I was a judge when we created all of those forms. They are meant to be applicable in "most" situations, but one size does not fit all and this calls for a more specialized document.

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  2. I agree with Attorney leroi. The fastest, simplest and most cost efficient way to do this is to draft a stipulation, have her sign it and file same with court. n

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  3. If the mother is willing to sign a document saying that you may relocate as long as you advise her where you will be living and provided she has holiday and summer parenting time, I still believe that with a matter this important, you need the services of a family law attorney to get this done right. It also needs to be accomplished promptly to take advantage of your ex-'s willingness to enter into this agreement. Good luck to you.

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