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Special Education child victimized by school District; Defamation of character with attempt to harm; harassment; abuse; advice?

Lodi, CA |

I have decided that I am suing my son's school district due to the incredible organized crime that is being committed against my son in an attempt to cover up the mistakes they made regarding helping or assessing my son through all my concerns and his kindergarten teachers concerns. Now he is way behind, and his principle and certain staff to my surprise including members of the district have continued to further victimize my son whom was previously the victim of violent crimes. They are falsely documenting, added assessments never conducted, had IEP's without me; have not included me on writting the IEP's and have completely documented false statements accusing myson of being suicidal, mentally ill, a threat to all. My son is 6 years old and I was there at this time. I have contacted the

head boss and nothing has changed except their reroute in plan after obtaining the diagnosis report the boss had requested from me. They are trying now to place my son and I requested disability assessments and misc due to obvious altering of my son's assessments to attempt and disqualify him for services. We are the previous victims of a series of violent crimes; and I have a series of diagnosis's pertaining to my son; with a stated fact of no psychosis. I want to withdraw him now and let him benefit from his rightful services else where. My son is 6 years old. I do not want to revoke ant of his rights due to that would cancel out all services he is getting already that I worked hard to obtain the whole time the school had not taken any concern of mine seriously and failed to act. What do I do? I already have contacted disability rights and ect..

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Attorney Janina Botchis practices in this area of law. She is recently licensed in California but has gone through these issues with her own child, so she knows it very well.

She's on AVVO:

Important things to remember: 1. The fact that I answered a question that you asked me on line, doesn't make me your lawyer. 2. Opinions are like noses--everyone has one. I just happen to think my opinions are right, but check with another lawyer too.

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