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Soon-to-be-ex damaged and stole non-marital property ($110K). How can judgement be written to ensure payment if granted?

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Am asking for payment of damaged home and pers. prop. as "property held by spouse". I understand that a civil judgement could be discharged if he filed bankruptcy. So I will seek all of it inside the divorce. I am certain that he will try to avoid payment by an means (unemployment/bankr.) Can the money be written as marital debt and as a maintenance payment with a time frame of perhaps 10 years? Then if money is not paid in that time frame, could I ask for balance to be taken out of his pension upon retirement? Marriage was a short time, but damage was extreme. Also a large disparity in incomes (his is 3x more- but he has no assets). How can I ensure that I get the money paid back? Can maintenance be written somehow regardless of re-marriage? I am wary of recoupment.

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