Son was aressted for possesion of heroin. it was less than 1 gram

Asked over 1 year ago - Milton, PA

No criminal background, the police made him sign a paper. but he was under the impression he wasnt being charged yet he received a letter to appear in court.

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  1. Robert C. Keller

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    Answered . This is a serious criminal matter and your son has a serious drug problem. He needs to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney and he needs drug treatment. Good luck.

  2. Daniel M. Myshin

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    Answered . I agree with Mr. Keller. I add further that because it is highly addictive, consumption of heroin in any amount is dangerous business. Your son is in serious trouble and needs to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If he cannot afford to hire an attorney, he should apply to the public defender in the county where he is charged. Your son's ridiculous claim that he was under the impression that he would not be charged is proof positive that he is in denial. In addition to an experienced attorney, your son needs drug treatment. Good luck!

  3. Shawn Michael Curry

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    Answered . Attorney Keller has provided you a good response.

    With no prior criminal history, your son wants to try to preserve a clean record, if possible. The first and best opportunity to begin working towards his goals to protect his rights, freedom, and life is his preliminary hearing, which he should be the hearing he has been directed to appear at.

    Additionally, it appears he may have provided the police a written statement. This hearing will also offer an opportunity to begin to evaluate the circumstances under which the statement was obtained. If it appears his rights were violated, he may want to consider moving to suppress or have certain evidence thrown out as his case proceeds forward. Alternatively, if his rights were not violated, this fact may be presented as a measure of cooperation by your son for which he should receive consideration towards minimizing the consequences he faces.

    By now, you should realize ths is a complex undertaking and a journey your son should not make without an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You should contact an attorney immediately.

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  4. Mark Copoulos


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    Answered . He has probably been charged with possession. The most likely outcome is an alternative program or probation.

    This response is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The response is intended,... more

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