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Something I can do to stop neighbors from intimidating me after I complained to manager about persistently squalid conditons?

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Wrote a letter to my manager over my 2neighbors for their aggressive dog they refused to leash &clean its urine &feces.Their apartments seeped a mysterious odor&dog urine.They responded in a variety of ways to retaliate, including leaving several bags of leaking &stinking trash,&construction materials in halls on nearly nightly basis.After I first started complaining, they also intimidated me w/ their friends & made fun of my mental health status when I went to & from my place.Recently management responded to my requests for intervention becs I received notice that these tenants accused me of impersonating management/law enforcement in a letter of request I sent them to abide by tenant laws/responsblts to keep areas clean. This resulted in a letter to me that legal action will be taken if

....will be taken if I continue writing notes& impersonating management/authorities, which I didn't do. I begged manager resolve issues, so they talked to tenants&said the neighbors had to get rid of their dog(?instead of telling me concrete consequences to them if they continue the behaviors/intimidatn) .Now, when I pass in halls &they hear me, they scream their conversations how they are going to do something,how they are going to sue for defamation,cussing you/that b**ch. I hear them from my window loudly saying intimidating things, saying they will accuse me of breaking rules to antagonize THEM, excessively revving car engines,slamming building/car doors, cussing.I'm afraid to outside to walk my dog, do laundry, etc.they are big guys.Don't these actions,along with menacing looks also constitute some kind of unlawful intimidation&/or harassment?Can't afford to move, what can be done?

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Have a local lawyer send a cease and desist letter. Get a motion-sensitive security camera to catch them in any illegal acts.

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Is it legal to film people in common areas? Is that a violation of privacy laws?



And also, even if a lawyer drafts such a letter, are there any/what kinds of consequences if they persist in poor tenant behaviors and intimidation to me and my dog?

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