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Someone recorded me while I was on webcam with them, without my knowledge, and posted them online is there anything i can do?

Chicago, IL |

I've been ignoring this guy online (we live in 2 different states) and he began making fake accounts to add me on my Facebook and Skype. He leaves messages that make me feel uncomfortable. Several occasions I have told him to leave me alone, but he ignores them and continues to message me. Recently he threatened to send my nude pictures (which he took of me while I webcammed him, and recorded me without my knowing) to my facebook friends. Is there anything I can do about this?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If you are a minor, get your parents involved and go to the police. His threats to potential distribute child pornography can be, if proven, found as criminal conduct.

  2. If you are under 18, his actions violate federal law (even possessing nude photos of someone under 18 is a crime). However, if you are over 18 and you transmitted nude photos of yourself online, then you lost all control of those photos. I suggest that you contact his service provider and let them know of the harassment. You should also block all contact (most programs like Skype and Facebook let you block people). Lastly, if his actions make you feel uncomfortable, contact the local police.

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