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Someone please tell me how I was arrested without a warrant in hand, then handed one after I was booked, is that practical

Charleston, SC |

But charges later dropped due to no witnesses showing up in court. Will add details to your questions, after you post

based on the word of my neighbor calling cops, about dv. my wife told cops I was not home from work and didn't know what the neighbor was talking about. can we civil sue this neighbor? Thank you

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  1. Should've added your details upfront, that's analysis works.

    Nothing necessarily amiss in what you posted.

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  2. You are going to give us enough information with which to answer your question after we post answers?

    Ummm, it doesn't work that way, Charleston. Try again and be direct.

  3. Need the details. Many instances where a cop can arrest without a warrant. For example, if the cop witnesses the crime or stops a suspect for a routine traffic stop only to find the motorist fits the description of the perpetrator of a recent crime.

  4. A fact or two would be helpful

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