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Someone is saying I hit their car and I did not.

Greenbelt, MD |

Hello I have a question I was blindsided by a call from my insurance company saying that I hit someone's parked car this past weekend. I did not hit anyone's car. It seems they filled a police report and then later called back saying that it was my car that did it. Because I have some damage from another event on my cAr. Am I being charged for a hit and run?! My insurance company is looking into the matter. I know I didn't hit anyone's car. I'm guessing this person just saw the damage saw my
Car parked there and assumed .im going to look at the report tomorrow to see what it said. It sounds like this is all on a belief that it was my car. Is this serious !? Please help

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Report it to your insurance company to sort out


To be frank, If you don't have all the information, how do you expect an attorney on AVVO to comment appropriately. Go with your suggestion and first get the police report so you can have an idea what exactly is being claimed. For example, if the report says the purported accident happened on date X in City Y and you can prove that you weren't in City Y on that date, then you have little to worry about. The good thing is that your insurance company is aware of this claim and is investigating it. They will let you know the results of that investigation - you can count on it.


Your insurance company will handle the claim of the other driver. You should cooperate with them. Take pictures of the damage that was there prior to the collision. The insurance company will inspect the other party's vehicle and see if there was paint transfer and if the damage matches up.

If you were going to be cited for hit and run, you probably would have been given a ticket by now. I doubt that you will be cited, but if you are, consider getting an attorney.

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