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Someone came to our second property and offered money to my tenants to leave the house if not they would get kicked out, legal?

Palatine, IL |
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Hello recently I got a call from my tenants saying a man from a realty company came to the house to give them a 45 days to vacate the home . The house is being fought in court right now so it isn't the banks house the man told them the house was sold 2 yrs ago and that we where just screwing them over. Not only this but when he got there he didn't have a court notice or sheriff with him , plus he offered them money 5 grand in cash to vacate the house so it would be like cash for keys ; the tenants said no and he said that in 45 he was going to lock the house himself I know this isn't legal at all ,i talked to the man he said the bank paid him to do it ,can I sue the bank even though where fighting in court right or can I use this against them when I have the next court case ?

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Please contact a lawyer to determine what is actually going on. You indicate you are fighting the bank in court. What is the status of the case. Also, what is the status of the real estate taxes on the property? Have the taxes been sold? You should be able to obtain clarity from the lawyer handling the case. If you do not have a lawyer, you will need one.

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