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Someone calling and telling immigration of "marriage fraud" has what effect on the case?

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Some people in my "family" have disagreed with me filing a petition for my wife because of something she did to them a few months ago. As a result they told me that if I try to petition for her that they would call the uscis and tell them that it's fake. The thing is that it is a real marriage and always has been. But envious people will always try to make life difficult. I have no intentions of letting her go. I would like to know if 1) the uscis even cares about people calling in. 2) how it affects our process if at all. We are not scared because we are real, but we would just like to be prepared and go in to the process knowing that their threats mean nothing and for her piece of mind. We of course have proof of our relationship, but we just want some assurance and preparation.

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    Sorry to hear about the ill feelings among family members, but if one if them were to attempt to contact the USCIS that is highly unlikely to have any impact. Even if the family member was aware of your wife's "A-Number," which may be necessary for the USCIS to link the information to a particular file, the USCIS is unlikely to accord any weight to a non-sworn statement on the telephone. It would be wise, however, to assemble a particularly strong and persuasive set of documents to prove that you and your wife are living together in a bona fide marriage, and to accomplish this it would be wise to engage an immigration lawyer.

    David N. Soloway
    Frazier, Soloway & Kennedy, PC
    Atlanta, Georgia

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  2. You cannot really call immigration that easy. If they do manage to get through but your marriage is bonafide they will be disappointed to learn that their efforts produced no results. Today's DAOs are rather trained well and should know with some degree of certainty whether your marriage is bonafide within the time allotted for the interview.

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  3. People can call ICE (not CIS) ... but in most cases the government doesn't do anything.

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