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Some one posted pictures of me on the enternet and made untrue storys about me and also posted videos with out my permission.

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a person posted videos and pictures of me and my sister on face book makin up untrue storys sayin he had sex with both of us when the whole time me and my sister wer just sleep we didn no what he did untill four months later he made untrue storys and ruiend our reputation my family is very angry at this person what to do.

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You have potential claims for defamation. The question you need to ask yourself is whether the defendant is collectible, i.e. does he have money or other assets. This type of claim would not be covered by insurance. You might be able to obtain a judgment, but not able to collect. If you a simply looking for vindication, it might be worth it to you to pursue the lawsuit knowing that you might not recover.

Disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice. I am just making suggestions for starting points for when you do speak with an attorney. Do NOT rely on anything I write and contact a lawyer.

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Internet privacy rights are in a state of flux. Federal rulings and state rulings by the various state court systems provide some guidance, but each situation is very fact specific. Without a great deal more information about the particulars in your situation, a meaning answer is not possible.

A good number of commentators suggest that the internet is a public forum with little privacy options available. Inroads to adopt and enforce privacy rights are being made, however.

A public picture of you taken in a public place and posted on the internet that causes no harm to you is quite different than an intimate picture of you taken in a private place that is posted publicly on the internet and causes you harm.

Contact a local lawyer that will provide a consultation to you so you might explain your situation in more detail.

Good luck to you.

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Alan Brinkmeier, you make me feel nauseated.

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