Sole parenting worksheet vs share parenting worksheet calculation for child support? MY CS is based on the guidelines

Asked 5 months ago - Parsippany, NJ

we have only one child. Child live with the mother and I have 2 overnights per week. In my case 2 overnights a week equal 28.57%of time per week. in reference to the numbers; her net income a week is $429 and mine $1050 . Using my shared parenting worksheet my child support payment is $231/week.My shared time is higher that 28% and her net income plus my CS pymt is higher that the poverty thresholds. With all this facts why the court used the sole parenting worksheet instead? according to court is following the NJ guidelines. am I missing anything?

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in my case I have 104 weeks which equal: 2 overnights * 52 weeks: 104 overnights per year. So I qualified for the share par. worksheet. What I am not clear about the poverty test how it works.

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  1. David Perry Davis

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    Answered . Can't agree with the other answers.... it appears that you wouldn't be eligible for the Shared Parenting Worksheet. I wouldn't waste the money on a reconsideration motion.

    See page 2594 of 2014 Court Rules (Appendix IX-A). The minimum net income for the PPR in a two person household if $597 per week (2.0 x 2013 Poverty Guidelines) to get on the Shared Parenting worksheet. You indicate that (before support is added), she makes $429 per week.

    If her pay increases, you can go back and get it applied, but based on what you've said, the court complied with the Rules.

  2. Jennifer D. Zoschak

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    Answered . 104 overnights does typically qualify you for the shared worksheet. There may be other factors which you did not mention or the Court may have used the wrong worksheet. I would suggest that you bring this to your attorney's attention. You may need to request an amended Order or file a motion for reconsideration.

  3. Andrew A Bestafka


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    Answered . Shared is for 104 overnights or more so, if you include vacations, special days, holidays... you should be over that and it should be shared. What

  4. Jason David Roth


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    Answered . You really should contact an attorney in your area to help you. There are many different factors that go into child support calculations, some of which were not addressed in your post, i.e. day care expenses, age of the children, when the first order was set, who pays for medical coverage, etc. Contact an attorney in your area and provide him and her with the documentation to get an accurate figure.

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