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Sole custody in NYS do they still have to pay the NCP child support ?

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If someone gets sole custody in NYS do they still have to pay the NCP child support if they do nave enough money ?

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Why would the custodial parent pay support? If there was an order of support and since that time, there's been a change of custody, the new custodial parent has to pay pursuant to the child support order until the order is modified.

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The NCP pays the CP, Not the other way around.

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The Custodial Parent should not have to pay child support unless there was a previous Order requiring you to pay. If so, you should seek a modification of that order.

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You didn't mention in your question as to whether you are referring to "legal" or "residential" custody. Legal custody concerns decision-making and has nothing to do with child support. Residential custody concerning the place where the childen spend the majority of their time. If a parent has sole legal custody while the other parent has primary residential custody, child support would go to the parent with primary residential custody. If there is a 50/50 split in time for both parents, the parent earning more money would pay child support to the other parent.

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