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Sold used car-as is..he is has not pd for 3wks, not answering/or returning calls.

Imperial Beach, CA |

Sold car for 2500 AS IS
He didn't make down pymt originally agreed of 1,000, Said he could pay 500/600 down. Said he would pay off in a short time making 200/300 payments. Was late coming to my home the day to sign contract, He came as I was leaving. The contract didn't get signed. He only had 300 as down pymt. He has not lived up to original payment plan of 200/300 weekly nor being paid off in a short time. Originally I told him to have car paid off by June. I have had to go get the payments from him since the 2nd payment. The last payment he made was on 5/18 for 100 and he brought it to my house with a female with him. He was given an envelope with my Name and PO Box to mail the payments to me. He responded you want me to spend money for a stamp. The female said if best way do it.

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  1. If you have not yet transferred title of the vehicle to this buyer and are still in possession of the vehicle, you can return all of the monies that this buyer paid to you. Once you return the monies, you are free to sell the vehicle to someone else.

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