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Software license guidelines?

Bangs, TX |

If I download education software on one campus is that software required to stay on that campus property?

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Unfortunately, this is not enough information to answer your question. What is important to know is that a license defines your rights in regard to the licensed property. In this case, that licensed property is education software. So, the answer to your questions lies in the terms of that software license.

If by “campus property” you mean the bounds of the actual school campus, I would be quite doubtful that you would have such a limitation in that you could bring a laptop home to your residence with the software on the machine and likely not be in violation of the license. If you are wondering whether you can put the software on your home computer, for example, I would suspect that might be in violation of the license, but it may not be if the school purchased your machine for you or if you use your machine or the software for educational purposes only.

What are critical, despite any and all conjecture such as my comments above, are the terms of the actual license. Without those terms, you cannot get a proper answer.

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