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So my fiances ex stole multiple items from my home. She does not still have the property but has admitted to it. What can i do?

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She has also slandered me on fb and other media networks. She keeps texting and calling me. What happens if i get a restraining order or oder to not contact and she continues? Everything has taken a very emotion toll on my mind and body.

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File a complaint with the police.

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File a report with the police regarding the stolen property. Save the messages she is sending you and contact an attorney to determine whether or not the claims amount to libel. If you are in fear for your own safety, you should contact police to get a Temporary Protection Order. This will last briefly and you will have the opportunity in court to request an extension of the protection order for up to one year.

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Attach a print-out of any admissions in text/email form to a police report regarding the stolen items which you could also use to report an insurance claim depending on the vale. However, Michael is correct that a TPO is not warranted unless the repeated harassment rises to a level where you are reasonably in fear of your life. Lastly, slander and defamation claims are expensive and difficult to prove especially since they could be viewed as "opinion" and protected by the 1st amendment. You may consider hiring a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter which may catch her attention.

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