So is it legal in Texas for a adult and a minor to date if the minor just turned 16 and the adult is 21?

I was wondering if it is legal in the state of Texas for a 21 year old male to date a sexteen year old girl? non sexual or sexual? Can they still get introuble though even if they have the parents consent?

Rockport, TX -

Attorney Answers (2)

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein

Child Custody Lawyer - Houston, TX

I agree with the other attorney, it's the sexual aspect that is the problem. He can end up a registered sex offender.

"Dating" is not the issue.

If you are concerned, contact a local criminal lawyer for details.

Ibraheim Nidal Shalabi

Ibraheim Nidal Shalabi

Family Law Attorney - Palos Hills, IL

As far as I know that's still statutory rape if any sexual conduct takes place, with or without permission.

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