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So i turn 16 in march and my boyfriend will be may . can he be put in jail ?

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okay so im about to be 16 in march and my boyfriend is about to be 18 in may . well we had unprotected intercourse and i may be pregnant but we are not sure.but if i turn out to be positive . can my mother put my boyfriend in jail for being 17 and getting me pregnant ? my boyfriends mother would not mind but my mother would most likely try and call the cops! but i would hate for him to be put in jail .

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  1. It is an affirmative defense to sexual assault of a child older than 14, that the older person is not more than 3 years older than the younger person. I do believe that he would be charged as long as your birthdays are less than 3 years apart. So let that be some comfort. However now you need to be responsible and deal with this issue like an adult. That is the hard part. Good Luck.

  2. As long as the sex is consensual, both parties are at least 14 and they are not more than 3 years apart in age there is no crime. He could be charged but any good defense lawyer should be able to sort things fairly easily.
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  3. It is a crime for any person to have sex with a person under 17. There is a defense that there is 3 years or less to the day difference in age between the two who have consented to sex. So, you will have to do the math.

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