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Small claims suit, frivolous atttempt to make a quick buck on me, but plaintiff is buddy's is a police officer that is a fellow

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Harasser. The suit was filed to further harass me, because the prossecution declined to file charges and the plaintiff/stalker believes that this means that he is innocent. So he gathered his accomplices as witnesses to file a defamation of character small claims suit. And on the full day of trial his police buddy went wearing his uniform, but we was never involved with this investigation and was on one of the occasions harassing me as a civilian in plain clothes. When on the stand he stated that he was wearing his uniform because he was on duty that day. How commom or legal is for a policeman toget involved in a civil suit, lie on the stand, use his police status to try to sway things their way, and show up in uniform and claim to be on duty on some frivolous civil case filed by a stalker

They got tangled in their own lies on the stand and did not win their case. What intrigues me is the fact that he showed up in uniform and claimed to be on duty, on tax payer money of. Ourse, to help his little friend out on a small claims frivolous suit. Is that legal?????

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Your question requires us to assume the officer did something wrong. We are not in a position to judge that based on the facts your provided. The police department has a division to hear complaints about officers.

My answer to your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.


With your sole question being how common or legal it is for a police officer to lie on the stand, I assure you that it is not common and not legal. It would be a criminal act to lie on the stand, and, therefore, most people have the integrity or at least gut moral compass not to do so.

In either event, please have faith in our legal system. It usually provides the checks and balances to ensure that, even when someone lies on the stand, the right person becomes the victor. Notably, that's exactly what you say happened in your case.

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The bottom line is that it is behind you, so best bet is to move on and not dwell on it.

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You are great and so is your picture, but my question remains unaswered: is it legal to show upmto his friend's small claims in uniform? Thank you.

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