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Small Claims Car and Truck Accident

Tucker, GA |

Is there any lawyers who would consider representing me in small claims court regarding a car/tractor accident. The trailer hit us in parking area but insurance denied fault (twice). been waiting 8 months and lawyer dropped case and the magistrate court is up to 15,000 to which I am going to file for the max. I am willing to give a percent if we win..going to state court is about 1 year out and I need money for medical bills/stuck since lawyer dropped me(lien), another car and money to compensate for pain and suffering. I know many here handle cases in the tens of thousands or more.. My med bills are 4000.00 and it may seem minor but the pain was major. Please if you know of someone who can help please respond. In Doraville will file in Dekalb accident Cobb, I am unemployed,children

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  1. You can use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to find a local attorney.

  2. I would be more than happy to speak with you regarding the case. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get all of the necessary information on-line so feel free to call my office at 678-954-5680 or send me an email personally at I would be glad to do anything I can to help.

  3. may want to reconsider filing in magistrate court and hire a lawyer to file in state court. sounds like the insurance carrier has been setting up a defense for a while now.

  4. With $4,000 in medical bills you should be able to find an attorney to represent you in this matter on a contingency fee. That attorney may want to file in state or superior court, depending on what he believes is the best local court for your case. Make sure to as that attorney if there is any "medical payments" or "med pay" coverage on your policy, or any other policies of insurance covering you or this accident. If it exists, med pay can be used to pay all or a portion of your medical bills without having to prove fault. I would hire an attorney as soon as possible to investigate all possible sources of insurance covering the accident.

  5. Feel free to give me a call. Given the limited information, I have several questions for you before I can provide you with an adequate answer on the best options for moving forward.

    Any and all responses are for general informational purposes only and in NO way constitutes legal advice NOR does this response create an attorney-client relationship with Shane Bartlett or his firm. As there are different statutory deadlines for each case, the recipient of this information is strongly encouraged to contact an attorney of their choosing to advise the recipient as to their legal rights and further address their particular question.

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