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Slip and Fall in WalMart with broken tibia as a result.

Winston-salem, NC |

My husband fell in our WalMart store after three heavy days of rain. There were no signs down and as soon as he fell they put the signs down. This Walmart was known to have roof leaking issues and as a matter of fact had roof repairs made after my husband's fall. Walmart has denied the claim and the claim rep stated he talked to EVERY employee in the store. My son's girlfriend and her mother work in that store and were never asked questions. How do we get copies of the video tapes and the proof that they did have repairs made to the roof?? We live in NC and we need to try and find answers.

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You need to consult with a local personal injury attorney. WalMart is not on your side and will probably ignore your requests. Slip and fall cases can be complicated and you need the expertise of someone that has experience in those matters. The consultations are often free. Good luck.

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The store isn't obligated to give you a thing. Why would they voluntarily turn over to you information that could show their liability. But suppose they did and it is damaging to the store, what are you going to do with it?
All slip and fall cases are difficult--even for the most experienced lawyer. YOur husband suffered a serious injury at a company that is notorious for its scorched earth policy in defending claims. This is not something you can do on your own. The only way you are going to get answers is to retain an attorney who can bring this claim on your behalf. In the meantime, notify the store you intend to make a claim and tell them to preserve any video from that day

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You will likely get their ridiculous form letter which will read that they reviewed the video tapes and that they are not liable, but don't be discouraged by the letter which is nonsense. Have a personal injury lawyer investigate


Big box retailers are in the business of maximizing profits and generating business. They are not in the business of helping people make claims against them. Each store in that particular chain is centrally micromanaged from one office in Arkansas. Local managers report to them, AVVO is a great attorney informational and marketing site. But, if you're serious about your husband's injury, please consult with an experienced attorney in your jurisdiction. Here's more on slip and fall cases: BLUE LINK BELOW

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