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Slander, defamation of character, blackmail

Springfield, PA |

ex girlfriend- never lived together, wants all gifts and or presents ever given to me back..or else. Split in Dec - Scorn woman.
1st threat was to bring police with her to get the stuff
2nd is more serious.. sending false letters of accusations to an organization where I am certified, also to president at corporate office.
ex is not an employee.

dont really know what are in these letters. not really worried, but worried about consequences or backlash due to these letters.

consequences are to happen at 8 am on tuesday.

Need advice quick..

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Either give her the stuff or call the cops on her after she does this. Not much anyone can do at 11:30PM with about 8 hours notice.

  2. You should schedule a meeting with one of the staff of the organization to let them know that hell hath no fury, like an ex scorned. You may also want to pay a local lawyer a couple hundred bucks to send your ex a cease and desist letter.

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  3. Although legally the gifts are your property not hers, it might make your life easier if you just return them and be done with her.

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