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Since Ohio DUIs can't be sealed, is there any other legal recourse for a one-time offender with a DWI in Ohio?

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I received a DWI in 2001 in Ohio and I've never reoffended. I pled no contest to the DWI charge. I've been filling out job applications recently, and what I find most unsettling is that this will seem to follow me around indefinitely. To me, this is wrong when other misdemeanors (and even felonies!) can be sealed/expunged on first offense, but apparently not DWIs???!!!! Is there any legislation or grass-roots movement in the works to give someone like me a second chance, especially after so long without reoffending? Is there any other recourse that someone like me can try?

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You can ask for a pardon from the governor.


Not all states will recognize a pardon for sealing purposes. For instance, a pardon in Illinois will not get a DUI sealed unless the Governor bases the pardon on actually innocence and specifically finds the charge should be sealed.

In many of these applications for employment, they ask that question not so much because they care whether you had a DUI 10 years ago but because they want to see how honest you are.


If you were under 18 at the time and the case was handled in a juvenile court, there is a way to get rid of it. If, however, you were 18 or over, unfortunately you are stuck with it.

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