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Signed Lease Agreement vs. Email confirmation? I needed a 9month lease in MA and the landlord gave me a 12month contract.

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I pointed this incorrect leasing term out to the manager and she said I would not experience problems moving out after nine months. I signed it under verbal agreement that it was not to be binding more than nine months. This month is the 9th month and I am experiencing trouble with the new leasing manager who argues that I still signed the 12 month contract and I am binded to it. I even emailed the prior leasing manager who replied that she remembered that I needed the shorter term lease and would talk to the new leasing manager. I have this email as proof. But the new leasing manager is still arguing that I signed a 12 month contract and that the email was only a verbal confirmation. Is there nothing I can do to assert that I am only responsible for a 9month lease?

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I am not seeing where there was an email modifying the 12 month lease. Other than possibly the prior manager remember that you had spoken with him/her about a shorter lease term. As it stands, it seems like you are bound by the contract you have signed. The written contract will trump the oral agreement, unless you can come up with proof that a mistake was make in relation to the lease term. Proof will have to be more than "I said, manager said". I suggest working with them to find a mutual resolution... Maybe you offer to find someone to take over for the last 3 months. Or offer to pay them the 10th month in exchange for a release.

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