Signed a consent judgement w/agreement that it would not be filed if paid as agreed. They filed it anyway. What can I do?

Paid 1/3 of amount and offered them to settle for another 1/3 to dismiss. They made a counter demand for the full balance and when I couldn't pay they filed the consent jugement signed over a year ago even with the amount now technically incorrect. I have records of paying as agreed. Is this breach of contract? Do I file motion to dismiss judgement based on payment as agreed? Do they just then get a consent judgement for actual amount? What can I do for damage control? Would fighting be more waited money?

Baton Rouge, LA -

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Daniel Dwight Bowen

Daniel Dwight Bowen

Appeals Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

You need a consumer attorney. Go to The judgment should have filed for the amount owing taking into account your payments.

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